In general, our leasing process starts with a phone call about a property you have driven by and gotten the number from a sign or you notice a property on our website or online advertisements. We want to know a little about you and your business and make sure there is a good fit for you and your business and any of the spaces we have available. It’s helpful to know if you have special electrical requirements, parking or an SUP (Special Use Permit). We are familiar with local code and have a good working relationships with local city officials where are properties are available. For us and for you, it is best to find out early if there might be a potential problem with what you are looking to do in the leased space.

After the initial meeting, phone or in-person, we require that you fill out an application and submit to a credit and background check. The fee for the application is $15 and non-refundable. We use the Greater North Texas Board of Realtors lease form and we do require a deposit on each agreement. Typical leases are two to three years in length.

Once a lease is signed and deposit is paid you will get a key to the space. At that point it is necessary to go to the city and obtain the required Certificate of Occupancy commonly referred to as the C.O. The requirements for C.O. may vary depending on the type of use. Restaurants, automotive, daycare centers and various other users may have to meet special requirements.

We look forward to working with you!

Ron Cornelius
Cornelius & Associates